T. S. P. Sweeney is a dashingly roguish public servant by day and a roguishly dashing writer of dark fantasy, science fiction, and horror by night. His published works range from a Sherlock Holmes mystery set in the Australian bush through to a story in which a demon literally dismembers Nazis during the fall of Berlin. His unpublished works are far more numerous, but hopefully for not too much longer (he just needs to finally finish that novel manuscript).

He dwells within the dank confines of his Sydney, Australia abode and can be reached on Twitter @TSPSweeney, Facebook or via email at tspsweeney@gmail.com

Comments, questions, and reviews are very much welcome.

The contents of this blog – including excerpts from published and non-published written works – are the property of the author, T. S. P. Sweeney. All rights reserved.

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